Our Values

The Chaparro's philosophy on food is simple: Love what you eat and feel good about serving it to your family. So, we make REAL FOOD from ingredients that you would find in your pantry. We’re leading the way in changing the rules of a challenged food system and encouraging people to connect with their food, where it comes from, and how it is produced. Whether it’s made from scratch in your kitchen or a convenient meal on the run, every bite should be a delight and an experience worth sharing.

Our Promise

At Chaparro's, we only use food in its natural state. Go ahead, read the label. You'll find that our food is made only from ingredients you an actually pronounce. We use USDA Grade A meats and marinate them in our own special blend of traditional Mexican spices and chiles from New Mexico. Our home-style tamales are hand-wrapped in a corn husk for a delicious, authentic Mexican flavor. Sure, it would be cheaper to machine-wrap them in a synthetic wrapper, but that's not something we would feed our families and don't think you should either.

Our History

Owner Maria Lourdes Chaparro “Lulu” helped found Chaparro’s Tamales in 2000. Initially, her company delivered tamales to homes and local businesses while maintaining a small drive-thru. Today she oversees a production facility in Sunset, Utah that has the capacity to make up to 36,000 tamales daily. Lulu’s passion for excellence can be seen in the quality of these authentic products. She personally samples a tamale from each batch to ensure it measures up to the high quality she expects. For this reason, customers come back time and time again after trying the best tamales in the West. Her hard work and dedication has built a strong company of over 30 employees that currently distributes to 10 western states. Although building a small business takes great effort, Lulu has been able to draw on strength from many life experiences to overcome any obstacle. Her story is one that truly inspires and embodies the American dream.

Our Future

We're always looking to improve. Whether it's fine-tuning our recipe, finding even better sources for our ingredients or developing new products for you to serve your family with confidence, not a day goes by that we don't reflect back and see what we can learn from. Perhaps we could rest on our laurels, but you strive every day to do better for your family so we think we should reach higher every day to earn your trust as well. All of our employees share a common vision. A vision that focuses on you and the food you want for your family. A vision that turns deliberately away from the mindless machinations of an industrialized food culture and returns you to the head of the table.


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