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We take Premium Grade A Chicken and marinate it in our special blend of spices then lovingly cover with corn masa and hand-wrap it in a traditional corn husk. Over half the weight of each tamale is seasoned chicken. 


Serve as an entree, side dish or tasty snack on the go. Available in 5-packs or individually. 


Ingredients: Chicken, corn masa, water, vegetable oil & shortening, salt, chili pepper, onion, cumin & garlic (all ingredients you can actually pronounce).



Steaming Instructions:

Steam in 2 inches of water for 15 minutes until they are soft and warm.


Microwave Instructions:

If Frozen: Leave in plastic wrapper, heat on high for 4 minutes.

If Refrigerated: Leave in plastic wrapper, heat on high for 2 minutes.


Whether you are craving a tasty main course, a nutritious snack or a complimentary side dish, we make it our responsibility to serve your family as we would serve ours. And we believe in honest labeling – so you can be sure that the products you buy from Chaparro’s are as authentic as possible. You can read more about our real ingredient philosophy here.

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