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Jalapeño & Cheese

Vegetarian Jalapeno and Cheese is our new, exciting twist on the traditional Mexican comfort food we all know and love. Each mouth watering bite is the perfect combination of mozzarella cheese packed with just the right amount of Jalapeno flavor. Each and every tamale is hand-wrapped in a traditional corn husk. 


Serve as an entree, side dish or tasty snack on the go. Available in 5-packs or individually. 


Ingredients: Mozzerella cheese, corn masa, water, Jalapeño chili peppers, vegetable oil & shortening, salt, onion (and nothing else)



Steaming Instructions:

Steam in 2 inches of water for 15 minutes until they are soft and warm.


Microwave Instructions:

If Frozen: Leave in plastic wrapper, heat on high for 4 minutes.

If Refrigerated: Leave in plastic wrapper, heat on high for 2 minutes.


Sure we could save time and money by machine wrapping our tamales in plastic sheaths. But we don’t. Lulu insists every Chaparro’s tamale be inspected and hand-wrapped in a traditional corn husk.

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