Where to buy Chaparro's Tamales:


At Chaparro’s, we only use food in its natural state. Go ahead, read the label. You’ll find that our food is made only from ingredients you an actually pronounce. We use USDA Grade A meats, traditional Mexican spices and chiles from New Mexico. We hand-wrap every tamale in a corn husk for a delicious, authentic Mexican flavor. Sure, it would be cheaper to machine-wrap them in a synthetic wrapper, but that’s not something we would feed our families and don’t think you would want to either.


Vegetarian Jalapeño and Cheese is our new, exciting twist on the traditional Mexican comfort food we all know and love. Each mouth watering bite is the perfect combination of mozzarella cheese packed with just the right amount of Jalapeño flavor. Every tamale is hand-wrapped in a traditional corn husk. Sure we could save time and money by machine wrapping our tamales in plastic sheaths. But we don’t. Lulu insists every Chaparro’s tamale be inspected and hand-wrapped in a traditional corn husk.


Tamales originated as portable food, often to support armies, but also for hunters and travelers. In the pre-Columbian era, the Aztecs ate tamales stuffed with turkey, flamingo, frog, pocket gopher, rabbit, turkey eggs, bees, honey, fruits, squash and beans. In modern times, most of these traditional pre-Columbian varieties focus-grouped very poorly in consumer taste tests compared to beef, pork, chicken and jalapeño cheese. Plus, pocket gopher is pretty tough to get these days.